Our story

Our story
eCam is the premiere partner for complete security solutions.

eCam provides complete modern-day solutions for all your security concerns. We are based in Brimingham, West Midlands and we've been serving our customers since 2008. Meeting multiple modern day challenges for around 9 years, we've grown, and so have our experience and finesse. With each challenge we have undertaken, eCam has made solutions more secure.

eCam has expertise in residential, commercial and industrial security. We are experts in providing custom solutions which are made to fit your needs through on-site consultation, system design and installation of the latest technology.



Each time a customer opts for a security solution, the eCam team performs a full analysis and then builds a tailor-made solution, keeping your wants and needs in full consideration. It matters not what type of business you own. eCam provides its service to all types, including small or a large scale security solutions, a privately owned business, or a government organisation. You can find more details about all types of security solutions that we provide on our website.



eCam has a highly professional and experienced team. Our technicians are trained and qualified. In order to keep them updated on the latest technology and products to enhance and manage security, we undergo regular training and attended courses. We have the ability, as well as hands on-experience, to handle multiple security scenarios. Our team members possess apt knowledge about their profession and will correctly provide consultations and give advice to you.



From security cameras and video surveillance to intercoms to access control and management, eCam offers the most trusted security brands, backed by expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service.

With thousands of satisfied customers all over Great Britain, eCam is reliable and efficient. Because when it comes to security, you shouldn't settle for anything less.