Electronic Locks

Locks are the popular face of security. Everyone is familiar with these mechanical or electronic devices that attach to doors, containers and other objects to restrict access, protect property and send the universal message, “Keep out!”

Although quite common, locks come in a variety of types for many different purposes in residences, businesses such as hotels, and government installations. eCam offers locks that can be operated by using a keypad, various types of keycards, biometric data, or electric strikes.


Keypad locks require the user to enter a numeric sequence on a keypad to gain entry to an area. Often used for doors,keypads may be mechanical or rely on electronic circuitry to protect an area. In both cases, keypad locks installed by Vertex Security hold several advantages over traditional keyed locks..


Locks are synonymous with the hotel industry, where the security of guests and their personal property is always at a premium. The quality and reliability of locks can make or break a hotel brand, which is why the lodging business turns to Vertex Security for superior selection, installation and maintenance.


Biometric locks utilize the uniqueness of human body features to offer convenience and enhanced security in residences, businesses and government installations. These keyless locks predominantly make use of fingerprint scanning technology, and sometimes retinal scanning, iris scanning and voiceprint identification.


Magnetic strip locks operate with plastic keycards identical in size to a credit card or driver’s license. They are popular in areas where different users must be accommodated without having to change the lock each time, such as in hotels or small businesses.


Electric strikes, also known as door strikes or door releases, are used in locations where access control is required. Many people are familiar with electric strikes for the “buzz-in” sound made when the current flows through the electric strike to open a door.