Fire Alarms

At eCam we ensure that staff are fully trained to allow us the ability of commissioning, designing and installing quality fire detection systems. We have quality suppliers working with us to offer our clients the fire detection systems which best fit their needs.

We are flexible in which systems we can offer to our clients. For example a conventional fire detection system can be used for smaller sites; as it offers a basic form of detection through heat, manual detection and smoke. These systems are widely used in homes and small businesses as they offer a basic form of protection at an affordable price for their users.

While more detailed fire systems are available which provide a more thorough insight into the state of a clients' site. With details showing the location of an activation and the staging of the evacuation process needed for safety. While these systems use the same heat, manual and smoke detection; they offer a broader picture to the client; allowing for quicker response times to overcome any issues. These tend to be used for larger sites. However, we cater for our clients with whichever system they prefer at a cost effective price.

With the use of modern technology we can also provide our clients with a fast response from the emergency services in case of a fire. Through the use of radio pagers and red care signalling, which alert the fire service or our keyholders of an event.

System Upgrades - A fire alarm upgrade can improve areas of detection, notification and monitoring. Older fire alarm systems are much more prone to incidents involving poor detection, false alarms and maintenance costs.

Our staff are fully trained on many different manufacturer's models and we stock many different system components to make any upgrade a relatively simple one.